Christine Eisenhower, a graduate of the College for Financial Planning, and a Certified Financial Planner™, CPA and MBA, brings a wealth of educational credentials, over 20 years of corporate financial experience and financial expertise working directly with clients on their individual goals, investment planning, financial planning, investment selection, portfolio management and retirement planning.

Christine believes strongly in developing financial literacy for their clients and in the community.

Otter Creek Partners is an independent investment advisor specializing in several practice areas, such as general financial planning, retirement planning, investment strategies, portfolio management, real estate in a financial plan, divorce settlement analysis and income planning. Because we operate our business with the highest ethics standards and value our clients’ well-being, we are registered as an investment advisor firm, which makes us a fiduciary for all of our clients. As such, we adhere to a strong belief in and commitment to putting the best interests of the client first, above our own interests. We believe that it is generally in the best interest of the client to rollover to an IRA whenever possible, rather than leaving a qualified retirement plan with the employer, when the client leaves employment or retires. The reason for this belief is that the client is best served by (1) being in full control of their retirement investments, (2) having unlimited investment choices, personal one-on-one private consulting with a Certified Financial Planner (TM) who will give objective, un-conflicted investment advice and (3) being provided with a wide range of financial planning services associated with retirement, estate, investment and general personal financial planning, none of which are generally available through a former employer retirement plan platform.  Our emphasis is to provide the highest quality of service at the lowest costs possible, with a fully transparent level fee schedule, using state of the art technology and customized personal attention for every client.

Otter Creek Partners was formed in 2003 by Jim Dahl and Mary Lynne Dahl.  Christine Eisenhower later became a partner in 2012 and sole owner on January 1, 2020. Jim and Mary Lynne both have retired.


Balancing best in class service with a hometown touch. At Otter Creek Partners our focus is on the client.  Our clients have trusted us with over $45 million in assets under management and are spread across the U.S. in eight different states.  We know that everybody has a unique financial story.  It’s our job to listen and to provide a customized solution.  All investment advice is long-term, goal-oriented and is approached from a financial planning perspective.  Part of our fiduciary responsibility is to provide client education in a clear manner and in plain English.  Good communication allows a strong, collaborative relationship to grow.

At Otter Creek Partners, we understand that choosing a financial advisor is a big step. We agree. We know that we must earn and keep your trust by demonstrating that we will act in your best interest at all times, doing our utmost to help you reach your life goals by wisely using your money to reach those goals. We promote conservative, long term investing based on fundamental analysis of the investments selected for each client, with an eye to reducing the risks we can control and managing the potential for long term returns using high quality securities traded on public markets and available at the lowest costs possible.

The mission of Otter Creek Partners is to safeguard and grow the financial assets that we manage for clients, and to foster financial literacy in the general population.  As a registered investment advisory firm in Alaska, Washington and Colorado, we are held to the fiduciary standard of care of our clients, which is the highest in the industry.

We are compensated for our services directly by our clients, not from the sale of investment, insurance or bank products. We are a true fee-only firm, which we believe is the most objective, unbiased way to provide financial advice, portfolio management and financial planning services. With nothing to sell, you can be assured that the advice we give you is honest, objective and free of the conflicts of interest inherent when made by a broker or salesperson who will be paid for the sale of a product they recommend.
Our fees are transparent, not hidden in the fine print of an investment or insurance product. We charge 1.00% per year for customized asset management, $165 per hour for stand-alone consulting and .60% per year for our Intelligent Portfolio, a sophisticated computer algorithm (robo) program for smaller accounts and tech savvy or millennial investors.

The Joys of Giving

Otter Creek Partners is a participant in a community of people who value philanthropy. Through the generosity of many, Ketchikan raises hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to support a multitude of needs and projects throughout the region, from the arts to the problem of homelessness. Otter Creek Partners and its principals give countless hours of time to community services and donate to various non-profit organizations, because we support an economically healthy world through financial literacy and charitable giving. We are proud supporters of the arts and social service organizations doing the good work of making our community, and the world, a better place in which to live and work.

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