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Getting investment advice should not be a chore, or a scary, intimidating experience. We make it relevant and understandable… as you learn, participate and become more educated about money, investments and reaching a secure retirement. We have real-world experience with real people like yourself, resulting in conversations about your goals and your money that have real-life meaning that you can use.  We will answer your questions, suggest solutions to problems, give common sense advice in plain English and listen to you carefully. We care and we demonstrate it with this kind of personal attention and service.

Registered investment advisor firms and Certified Financial Planner™ certificants adhere to the highest levels of fiduciary care and ethics standards in the industry. This level of care is defined as the interest of the client comes first” and dictates that all advice, investment recommendations and financial planning offered must clearly benefit the client over any other person or firm.

Otter Creek Partners has a distinct investment philosophy.

  • We want to get to know you and your financial story.
    Investment portfolios recommended by Otter Creek Partners are designed for each client individually, based on your financial circumstances and personal preferences.  This is personalized, custom-designed portfolio construction that is tailored to you.
  • Investment is a long-term process of systematically accumulating assets that may be invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, government securities, exchange traded funds, real estate and business assets. Securities investments recommended will be chosen from the broad universe of publicly held, listed stocks, bonds, Treasury securities  and publicly available mutual funds/exchange traded funds. In addition, cash equivalents and institutional CDs will be available.
  • At Otter Creek Partners we utilize asset allocation and diversification, as the primary strategies for long-term wealth accumulation.
  • Your portfolio will be monitored for performance and risk on an ongoing basis.
  • Finally, the investment philosophy we use incorporates comprehensive quarterly asset allocation and performance reports with periodic personal consultations between the financial advisor and the client, on an annual basis at a minimum, more frequently if needed or desired.

Get on the road to investment success

In the interest of remaining objective and providing the highest level of services to clients, Otter Creek Partners is a fee-only Investment Advisory firm, charging fees for services rather than earning compensation in the form of sales commissions. We strongly believe that this transparent, straightforward form of compensation provides the most disclosure to clients and avoids the conflicts of interest in fee schedules that rely on commissions or product sales for income to the firm making investment recommendations to clients.

A Case Study in Investment

Elizabeth Montgomery

  • Recently widowed, age 71
  • Income from Social Security and a small survivor pension.
    Would like more income.
  • Home valued at $400,00, no mortgage or other debts
  • $650,000 in stocks and bonds in an investment account that was managed by her husband while he was alive, held in both of their names, which she has had no experience handling.

Question: How can Elizabeth get some income from her investment account without taking too much risk and without using it all up during her lifetime?

Also, should she sell her home and move into a smaller, more manageable place?


  • Do not sell the home. Wait for a year or two before making such a major decision as moving from her home; being widowed is enough trauma for a while.
  • Analysis of the investments indicates that with some changes in the stocks and bonds, it can easily produce about $30,000 of income, with low risk and conservative management, indefinitely.

Reallocating the investments in the account to balance it between producing income, growing enough to offset inflation over time and preserving the principal for her heirs, is an attainable goal.

NOTE: Case studies are hypothetical and should not be taken as specific advice for anyone reading them. They are intended only to illustrate the concept of financial planning as applied to reaching goals, identifying issues, making important financial decisions and solving problems. They are presented as a starting point to understanding of this process.

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