Retirement Planning

We are here to guide you individually, or your business if you have one, through the important process of design, set up, transfer if applicable and management of a retirement plan that is customized to you, or to your business and the employees that you value. As experienced financial planners and advisors, Otter Creek Partners is uniquely qualified to provide this advice to employees in retirement plans, as well as to individual clients.  If you are a business owner, an additional benefit of having a highly qualified financial planner to advise and assist you with your retirement plan(s) is that it will not only increases employee participation and satisfaction, but will also reduce your fiduciary liability as the employer/trustee of the plan.

We are experts at providing advice to:

  • 401(k) plans
  • Regular and ROTH IRA plans
  • IRA Rollovers
  • Inherited IRA plans
  • Deferred Compensation plans
  • SEP plans
  • Income planning during retirement years
  • Plan analysis and set up

Whether your plan is an individual plan or a company plan, we design plans with top-quality features making sure that your plan is the best one possible given your unique circumstances.

If yours is a company plan, you as the employer assume a lot of liability and responsibility when offering a qualified retirement plan. Making sure that your plan is the best one possible is a wonderful benefit to provide to employees. It creates an incentive to greater employee retention, is a positive influence on productivity, builds a culture of caring in the workforce and is a major driver of long-term employee financial security.

Secure employees are less stressed, both at work and at home, and genuinely appreciate the benefit of having a really good retirement plan. When you make the plan as attractive as possible, with top-quality plan features and investment choices, you give your employees the enormous advantage of getting qualified, experienced investment and financial planning advice as part of the plan.

Let us help you design a retirement plan that is right for you, or for your business.

Did you know that including an investment advisor as a plan service to employees reduces the employer fiduciary responsibility and thus risk to the sponsor?

A Case Study in Retirement

Henry Wilson

  • Age 51, recently divorced
  • 3 grown children
  • Employed full-time for 25 years in a professional position
  • Split his 401(k) plan with his wife as part of the divorce settlement, keeping 60% of it. In return she will get 25% of his pension benefit at his age 65 (when she is 62).
  • Has $150,000 cash from the sale of the family home as part of the divorce settlement.

Question: Should Henry buy another home with the $150,000 or not?

Will he have enough money to retire at age 65, after agreeing to the divorce settlement above?

Answer: Henry should…

  • Have a projection of his retirement income prepared.
    • This will show him how much he will have at his desired retirement age and whether or not it will be enough. This is a complex calculation to prepare, but is simple to understand when presented in plain terms.
    • If it shows that he will not have enough income from his current retirement planning resources and the pension benefit, he can develop a plan for a new strategy to meet his retirement income goals. Once he knows where he stands with retirement income, he will have a reasonable basis to…
  • Decide whether to purchase another home with the $150,000 he has in cash, or invest that money for retirement.
NOTE: Case studies are hypothetical and should not be taken as specific advice for anyone reading them. They are intended only to illustrate the concept of financial planning as applied to reaching goals, identifying issues, making important financial decisions and solving problems. They are presented as a starting point to understanding of this process.

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